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Review 2016 Shanghai SNEC PV Event, CCE Oasis thanks for your support!


The annual Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition is a must-go for the world's PV practitioners. On May 26, the photovoltaic event that lasted 3 days and brought together 1,500 professional exhibitors with exhibition area of 180,000 square meters officially came to an end. How busy was this year's SNEC? How wonderful were the booths for CCE Oasis? Let's go back to the scene now!


CCE Oasis Technology Corporation (stock code: 834603) is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the development, investment, construction and operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power generation projects. Formerly, it was a subsidiary of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group – CECEP Oasis (Beijing) Solar Technology Co., Ltd. It has developed, invested, constructed and serviced more than 1.7GW of solar photovoltaic applications in 53 countries in the world. The projects cover all aspects of photovoltaic applications such as photovoltaic agriculture, photovoltaic breeding, photovoltaic roofing, photovoltaic construction, photovoltaic water supply, photovoltaic off-grid and so on. The intelligent micro-grid projects, such as “water storage”, “diesel storage” and “wind storage”, were built in China Qinghai and Pacific Islands, which summed up a lot of technology experiences and helped solve some livelihood problems in isolated islands and non-electricity areas.

CCE Oasis President Dai Cunfeng is interviewed on the issues of industry development and company’s future strategic arrangement.

The crowded and enthusiastically interactive at booths of CCE Oasis

SNEC, one of the most important events in the global PV industry, brought together the best enterprises in the industry, the cutting edge technology, the most high-end products and the most innovative projects. After the strict selection from expert selection group of the organizing committee, CCE Oasis Yangzhou PV – Water project with its leading technology advantage and innovative business model won the Top 10 Highlights Award, together with Huawei intelligent solutions and Yingli ultra-thin light dual-wave components.

This project is an innovative combination of photovoltaic power generation and traditional water facilities, leading the market of water facilities distributed photovoltaic;It can provide about 40% of the electricity supply for wastewater treatment plants each year, reducing the cost of water treatment while achieving the electricity sales revenue. It achieves a scientific and three-dimensional development, and deepens the efficient use of processing pool and other idle space and effective conservation of land resources; the unique design process, large span spiral steel structure grid, special process of anti-corrosion treatment technology, application of anti-PID PV modules and other improvements are made.

CCE Oasis has set up agricultural department, specializing in planning the agricultural planting projects combined with photovoltaic, of which CCE Oasis Yunnan Kunming rocky desertification barren hills governance, photovoltaic agriculture and tourism integrated project at the show attract a large number of insiders to stop for consultation. This project had rocky desertification barren hills governance, facilitated agriculture, tourism and green energy power generation combined to achieve a new combination of multi-industry model; It greatly improved the local infrastructure construction, and set up a special poverty alleviation fund to help solve a large number of local employment problems and fully improved the local people's livelihood; this project is a large complex mountain photovoltaic project, using string inverter group control technology to achieve the full realization of intelligent and efficient operation maintenance.


With the manner of integrity, idea of innovation and desire of excellence, we are committed to promote and develop clean energy, serve the needs of economic and social development and contribute to the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, which is the driving force of CCE Oasis. The company will also uphold the corporate philosophy "integrity, innovation, excellence" to contribute to reduce the cost of electricity and change the energy structure. Let the sun naturally spread, and let the green power benefit the world!