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Off-grid Solar Power Project

Stand Alone Photovoltaic Stations in remote areas


Wind-solar hybrid PV power station project located in Zhiduo county Yushu prefecture Qinghai province is one of the Golden Sun demonstration project and builds 15 Stand Alone Photovoltaic Stations with total installation capacity of 2.408MW. After the project is completes, it is estimated that it will generate 64.4125 million KWH annually and will help save 32700 tons of standard coal, cut down 84900 tons of CO2 emission, reduce 2750 tons of SO2 emission, and cut 35800 tons of dust discharge yearly. Hydroelectric power stations will form micro-grid systems for providing electricity to the local 15 enterprises and institutions, including schools, hospitals, monasteries and other work units which are suffering from a power shortage.